Mar 12 2021


10:30 am - 12:30 am

Creating a Post-Pandemic Roadmap for Community Organising (Community Organisers)

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic we have seen the value of community organising and local action. Community groups and organisations, including newly-formed Mutual Aid groups, were at the forefront of the response to Covid-19, pro-actively setting up support structures for those who were in need or shielding.

As we look ahead to how our communities will operate in a post-pandemic society, we want to bring community organisers and like-minded individuals and organisations together, to create a roadmap for post-pandemic communities.

Our communities are all different and will face different challenges in the coming months and years, but there will also be some common trends or approaches that could support local community organising. Join us for two Zoom workshops on Friday 12th March and Friday 19th March, to share your experiences, feedback from your communities and your suggestions for organising in post-pandemic communities.

Below are the initial questions that we will be asking in each session, for attendees to discuss in small groups and contribute to a collective roadmap.

Friday 12th March

  • How do we help people feel valuable, not vulnerable in our communities?
  • How can local people influence and control the communities agenda, following the impact of Mutual Aid groups and community responses to the Covid-19 pandemic?

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