The APLE Collective is a national collective of individuals who experience poverty. Working together with organisations that support us to take positive action to eradicate poverty.
Our aim is to create a sustainable, grassroots network across the UK to raise awareness of poverty, reduce stigma and work together with others to eradicate it.


This section of the website is where we would like to welcome you!

Our Story

Born in 2018, take a look at our story so far.

Our Projects

Including our work on The Digital Divide, The International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, Our book and more.

APLE Month 2021

January 2022

APLE Newsletter

We are so hapy to announce the launch of our brand new Newsletter!

APLE Month 2021

APLE Collective

APLE Month 2021

For the month of June, The APLE Collective are highlighting and celebrating all of the organisations, charities and individuals who have lived experience of poverty or use their voice to campaign against poverty and inequality.

IDEP 2019

APLE Collective

Our Digital Divide Campaign

Including our participatory webinar, briefing paper and blog posts-

IDEP 2019

APLE Collective

IDEP 2021: Lighting up the UK map.

October 17th marks the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. The APLE Collective are documenting the solidarity shown for this monumental day by lighting up the UK map with activities that are happening all across the country to commemorate IDEP 2021.

Socially Distanced Activism

APLE Collective

Socially Distanced Activism: Our new book!

Drawing on case studies from Thrive Teeside, ATD Fourth World and Expert Citizens (APLE Collective organisations), this book interrogates the term ‘lived experience’. It critically investigates how knowledge gained from lived experiences of poverty is integral to developing effective COVID-19 policy responses.

Become an APLE Member

APLE Collective

Become an APLE member!
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We invite you to join us, to get involved and to contribute to our campaigning. Poverty is bad for everyone and we place value on people with direct experience of poverty having opportunities to affect the decisions that impact on them. We believe meaningful change to eradicate poverty is only possible when this happens-

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Latest APLE Collective Blogs:

APLE at the Raising Voices Exhibition

aplecollectiveMar 29, 20222 min read

Friday 25th March was the Raising Voices Exhibition at Catalyst Building on Staffordshire University’s Campus. It was a full day for community members to visit the exhibition of photos, clay…

Autism Acceptance Week- Chris Burns

aplecollectiveMar 28, 20223 min read

Autism is a neurological difference. It is not with big capital letters, a mental health condition. Autism is a spectrum of talents and abilities, some may have an associated learning…

The APLE Collective share their expertise and insight with external partners.

aplecollectiveJan 31, 20223 min read

Living in poverty has never been a life choice. The harsh realities faced by people living in poverty are indefensible and with this in mind, the APLE Collective’s mission statement clearly articulates…

Building Forward Together for IDEP 2021

aplecollectiveOct 11, 20213 min read

The International Day for the Eradication of Poverty 2021 is once again upon us and the APLE (Addressing Poverty with Lived Experience) is marking this day by amplifying the voice…

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