For October 17th 2021, we continued to ‘Light up the UK map’ to showcase all of the amazing activities taking place for #IDEP2021.


APLE Collective are planting apple trees across the UK in member locations. These trees are dedicated to the memory of Kath Carter, to recognise the passion she had for helping others and to celebrate the contributions she made to communities. With love from the APLE Collective, in the hope and with the belief that the brighter future Kath worked towards is not only possible, but inevitable.

The theme for #IDEP2021 is ‘Building Forward Together: Ending persistent poverty, respecting all people and our planet. What does building forward together mean to you and/or your community?

Here’s what members of the APLE Collective had to say:

We also asked APLE Collective members what examples of lived expertise to help solve poverty can you share.

Here are some of their answers: