APLE Collective have partnered with the Good Things Foundation since 2020 to tackle the Digital Divide.

In 2021, APLE Collective co-developed a participatory approach to working with Good Things Foundation, co-designing a piece of research into Digital Access around the acronym CHESS: Cheap, Handy, Enough, and Safe. The learning from this work has now been published. We have also contributed to and supported the development of the Good Things Foundation guide to supporting people with connectivity. We have continued to work with Good Things Foundation, supporting the recruitment of their new research fellows and working with the research fellows to add lived experience knowledge to their research.

In 2022, our partnership with Good Things Foundation developed further, working with the new research fellows, to contribute lived expertise to the Good Things Foundation research fellows research. In September of 2022, we welcome Shade Nathaniel-Ayodele to co-facilitate a participatory session with APLE Collective in Glasgow. Our contributions have now been published in her report.

“Good Things Foundation’s research and advocacy work on the Data Poverty Lab have continued to benefit hugely from partnership with APLE Collective. A highlight has been the contribution made by APLE Collective members to the Shade Nathaniel-Ayodele’s report, Internet Access: Essential Utility or Human Right? The insights, experiences and challenges put forward by APLE Collective ensured the analysis and recommendations were rooted in people’s lived experience, and resulted in a far more compelling and valuable report than would otherwise have been the case. APLE Collective members continue to make powerful use of opportunities like meetings of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Data Poverty to advocate for change. The recent hard-hitting report from the House of Lords Communications and Digital Committee on Digital Exclusion suggests that our messages on digital exclusion and data poverty are cutting through to politicians and policy makers. We’re excited to build on this, keep up the momentum, and push for more tangible action to fix the digital divide – for good.”

Dr. Emma Stone

Director of Evidence and Engagement.

The Good Things Foundation

Internet Access: Essential utility or human right?

CHESS: Co-defining what counts as a ‘good’ solution to data poverty.