For the month of June, The APLE Collective highlighted and celebrated all of the organisations, charities and individuals who have lived experience of poverty or use their voice to campaign against poverty and inequality.

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The Independent Food Aid Network @IFAN_UK is collating data from independent food banks/food parcel distributors operating across the UK to produce a report about independent emergency food parcel distribution since 2019. Deadline FRIDAY. Details in link

.@CovidRealities (funded by @NuffieldFound) has been working in partnership with parents & carers to share experiences of life on a low income during the pandemic.

Monday’s webinar will explore the project’s key findings – 24 January, 11am -12.30pm.

Check out “A shorter working week as part of a green, caring economy” @WomensBudgetGrp

We’ve helped over 50,000 people to access @HMRCgovuk services online since 2015. Friendly and local support from @GoodthingsFdn @Online_Centres has helped people overcome digital barriers and engage more confidently with vital public services.

This year’s #UKPoverty2022 report is designed to act as the ultimate reference document for the complete picture of poverty across all its characteristics and impacts.

Here, JRF analysts share the latest data from the areas of the report they have worked on


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