Welcome to the APLE Collective website! This section of the website is where we would like to welcome you. As APLE Collective stands for Addressing Poverty by Lived Experience, our core values sit around being led by lived experience, being grassroots and equality and diversity. If you and/or your group share our values we would love you to join us. 

This page introduces who we are, links to our story and you can read here a little about our values and meet some of our members. This welcome page invites you to scroll through the slides below which take you through our values, our aims and the sub-groups that we work in to focus on various aspects of our Collective values.

We welcome individual and group members. We want all members to feel welcome and to be able to access our meetings so part of our funding is allocated to facilitate access to meetings for people living in poverty.  

We aim to create a sustainable, grassroots network across the UK to raise awareness of poverty, reduce stigma and work together with others to eradicate it.

We are a network that promotes the voice of those with lived experience of poverty but that works collaboratively with others across society to use that voice to affect change. We invite groups that have experience or are led by people who are experiencing poverty to join us and become part of the APLE Collective. 

Our Values: As part of the APLE Collective everyone in the network has an equal opportunity to have their voice heard. We;

  •  Create a supportive space for the coming together of individuals with direct experiences of poverty to build relationships of trust and mutual understanding.
  • Build the capacity of individuals with direct experiences of poverty to share their insights through peer support, training and knowledge sharing.
  •  Work together at a national, regional or local level to promote the voices and influence of those with lived experience of poverty on the decisions that impact them and to raise awareness of and reduce the stigma associated with poverty. 
  •  Respect the dignity of people from all backgrounds and actively seek to promote equality and diversity in our work.

Swipe through the slides below to see more of our core values:

Our Core Values, from Expert Citizen’s Perspective!

“We at Expert Citizens are a small lived experience community interest company. We are passionate about lived experience and APLE’s values are all focused on this, as it’s one of their core values, being supportive, offering training and working with these individuals is what Expert Citizens is all about, so to share this with APLE is an amazing feat.”

Our Core Values, from Rona’s perspective!

“APLE is a shared collective of people who have the same commitments and the same core values, commitments to equality and most importantly commitment to the fact that we are all people with lived experience of Poverty, and by that experience, we learn and grow together and we learn from each other, we learn from each other’s successes and we grow both individually and collectively from each other’s experiences, I’m so proud and so pleased to be associated with APLE and it’s core values!”.

Our Core Values, from LIFE’s perspective!

“What attracted us here at LIFE to the APLE Collective was that their core values sat strongly with our own. Those being led by lived experience, a commitment to equality where there’s a level playing field, learning together, as a collective we learn and grow alongside each other, supporting in a truly inspiring way. We are proud and delighted to be a part of the APLE Collective!”

Our commitment to equality and diversity.

In line with our commitment to equality and diversity, we actively seek to amplify the voice, challenge discrimination and take action against the oppression of people who hold protected characteristics under the 2010 Equality Act, including socio-economic disadvantage. As such we align ourselves with JRF’s mission to support the work of anti-racist organisations.

The APLE Collective is a compassionate and inclusive collective. Our values of dignity, respect, equity, and equality for all will be the driving force in our work to end poverty and amplify the voices of people living therein. 

The APLE Collective stands against all forms of discrimination, whenever and wherever it occurs. We recognise the existence of many forms of discrimination in our society, including “povertyism”—being discriminated against because you live in poverty. We believe all acts of discrimination are harmful and are direct causes of inequality and oppression. 

The APLE Collective stands for equality of life for everyone. We endeavour foremost to being open, transparent and accessible to all people who live in poverty, to treating everyone with respect and dignity, and to removing the barriers to expressing oneself without fear of judgement; barriers that often remain unseen within society.

Forming in 2018, we have continuously worked as a collective to address poverty with lived experience through our different projects like The Digital Divide, IDEP and more.

If you’d like to know more about the APLE Collective and our story:

The APLE Collective are looking for new members, We invite groups that have experience or are led by people who are experiencing poverty to join us and become part of the APLE Collective.