APLE Month takes place every June and is a platform to showcase lived experience voices and promote member organisations and other groups that address poverty.

It celebrates the collective fruits of our and others’ work, unifying, amplifying, and celebrating small wins in tackling poverty and inequality. APLE Month raises awareness, tackles stigma, and showcases the importance of lived experience voices.

Just as tiny seeds grow into mighty trees, APLE’s voice for people grows, through lobbying and campaigning to create positive futures. By amplifying the voices of those who have experienced poverty first-hand, we can work towards a more equitable and just society.

Our theme this year

This year, our official theme is ‘Tackling Health Inequalities using our experiences; Shifting power, developing thriving solutions and improving access to healthcare.’

Addressing health inequalities requires a multifaceted approach that includes drawing on personal experiences, community empowerment, and improved healthcare accessibility.

Our lived experiences can provide valuable insight into the root causes of health inequalities and inform effective solutions.

Shifting power to communities is key to addressing health inequalities, as community members are often best positioned to identify and prioritize local health needs.

Developing thriving solutions requires collaboration across sectors and disciplines, and a deep understanding of the social determinants of health.

Improving access to healthcare is a critical component of addressing health inequalities, as it can help to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to receive high-quality care regardless of their background or circumstances.  

What’s happening in 2023?

This year for APLE Month, we will be celebrating Volunteers’ Week and our amazing APLE Collective volunteers, we will be showcasing and sharing our partnership approach to data-driven systems and healthcare in collaboration with Ada Lovelace Institute, sharing artwork and articles from our official artist in residence in solidarity with Learning Disability Week, and much more!

How can I get involved?

To get involved in APLE Month 2023, you can participate in events and activities focusing on addressing poverty and inequality. You can also spread awareness about APLE Month by using the hashtag #APLEMonth2023 to share good practice, spotlighting your favourite lived experience groups and sharing what you are doing to address poverty. Additionally, you can support efforts to amplify the voices of those who have experienced poverty working towards creating a fairer society.

Be sure to check out our Twitter @APLECollective and help support #APLEMonth2023.

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